Event Calendar

January 20, 2022 Council Executive / Administrator Session: New Year, New You: A Discussion about Finding Balance, Developing Efficiencies, and Serving Your Clients/Council to the Best of Your Abilities
January 26, 2022 Roundtable: Starting Your Council's New Year
February 23, 2022 AEP® and EPLS Forum
February 28, 2022 Roundtable: Council of Excellence Application Workshop
March 2, 2022 Website Tutorial: Maximizing Event Planning Efficiency Using Event and RSVP Management
April 27, 2022 Roundtable: The Council Nominated AEP® Program and Its Benefit to Your Estate Planning Council
May 2, 2022 Council Executive / Administrator Session
May 18, 2022 AEP® and EPLS Forum
May 26, 2022 Roundtable: Planning for Your Term as an Officer (with Position-Specific Breakout Sessions)
June 9, 2022 The Accredited Estate Planner® Designation from A - Z
June 27, 2022 Leadership Day
July 18, 2022 Roundtable: Event Planning 101
July 28, 2022 Website Tutorial: Membership Renewal, A Deep Dive Into the Renewal Process
August 16, 2022 AEP® and EPLS Forum
September 8, 2022 Council Executive / Administrator Session
September 22, 2022 Roundtable: Membership Topics: Nothing is Off the Table
October 19, 2022 Roundtable: The Benefit of Having a Council Executive
December 7, 2022 AEP® and EPLS Forum
December 12, 2022 Roundtable: What You Missed at Council Leadership Day at the Annual Conference
December 15, 2022 Website Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide to the NAEPC Website: Maximizing the Site's Capabilities Using its Built-In Functions and Features
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